Three children are looking for their parents

Story writen by Bilal AZIR, Sofiane CHOUAF, Alicia Copin, Yann COUSSEMENT,
 Lydiane GLUCHOWSKI, Anne-Sophie PAMART, Cyril PINDEL and Adrien STEFANIAK
école maternelle Danièle Casanova



Bilal, Sofiane and Saïd are three orphans of ten. 
They are brothers. They live in an orphanage in Douai.
They were told that they were from Morocco. 
One day, they decided to go there to look for their parents.

To pay the train and boat tickets, they asked Mrs Nani, the orphanage lady, for money, sold clothes and toys at the market. 
Once they arrived in Morocco, they started looking for they parents without knowing where to go. On the way, they met a kind man : 
« Come to spend the night in my house. I won't leave you in the street like that. You must be hungry. And I'll show you my gorgeous little rabbit.

The children accepted the invitation, they ate then asked to see the little rabbit.
The man said : 

ABRACADABRA, ABRACADABRI, magic formula let the rabbit appear.»

« Great ! » burst out the children. « You are a magician, you have magic powers. Could you help us to find our parents ? » « Of course » answered the magician :

 magic formula let the crystal ball appear 

Suddenly, a crystal ball appeared on the table. 
The magician started putting his hands round the ball : 
magic formula let the parents appear



The children could see their parents in the crystal ball. They were tall, rich. They lived in a castle situated in the desert. The children shouted 
« Dad, Mum ! can you hear us ? »
The magician explained to them that this was impossible, but he would help them to join their parents thanks to his magic powers : « I'll let you enter in the ball. I wish you good luck and if you need me, just dial 03 85 18 10 89 28 or type 3615 code George of the Jungle. See you soon. » Then he said his formula : 
ABRACADABRA, slapping his fingers, 
let the children enter in the ball


Bilal, Sofiane and Saïd found themselves in the desert. Far away, there was a castle. They headed towards it and knocked at the gate. A servant opened the door « Come in, we have been waiting for you, the magician has told us of your visit ». The children came into the castle ans when they saw their parents, they rushed into their arms shouting 
« Daddy, Mummy ». They were very happy of being together.